We provide our clients with knowledge of tailored technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect their networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of cyber security solutions - from policy and strategy to security operations and threat management - that are tailored to our client's needs. 

We provide a comprehensive suite of services including the following areas of Cybersecurity:

​​Security Program Maturity Assessments

Assess various security layers to baseline the program’s maturity from a people, process and technology perspective to inform investments and operational decisions.

Assessment & Authorization Programs

Assess security controls to determine system and organizational risk postures. Implement solutions that shift away from static SA&A programs to dynamic risk management environments. As a 3PAO, assess the cyber posture of third party vendors to demonstrate adequate security is in place to protect assets.

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

​Employ automated tools and manual techniques to probe and exploit web applications, systems, databases, and networks/endpoints. We also mitigate findings and perform remediation testing.

Continuous Threat Defense & Incident Response

Analyze in-house feeds and external threat intelligence to proactively manage operational environments. We offer an end-to-end incident response capability, including approaches to combat persistent threats, critical to sustaining secure operational capabilities.

Identity & Access Management

Implement IAM programs, including identifying, maintaining, and enhancing governance models, processes, and technology.

​Secure Application Development

Build security principles and requirements into all phases of an SDLC to provide assurance that code/software is secure.

Secure Wireless & Mobility

Develop, implement, and manage policies, tools, and technologies that protect organizational assets while enabling the mobile workforce.

Cyber Security Professionalization

​Build tailored curricula to advance the competencies of cyber leaders and practitioners by organically developing KSAs across the workforce to address cyber challenges facing today’s cyber programs.