Our proven method of security PMO combines industry certified and recognized expertise in security and program management disciplines with deep knowledge of customer environments. We provide project management support in accordance with a mandated project/software development lifecycle and with a project lifecycle methodology. 


MBL is a certified FedRAMP Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). MBL offers a standardized approach for conducting required security assessments of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) providing services to federal agencies.  Through our assessment process, MBL employs the same care and expertise our clients have come to expect, while safeguarding and securing the transmission and storage of Federal data. MBL has a uniquely qualified team with members that have served as Subject Matter Experts (SME)s for government agencies pursing cloud systems. Our staff are expert in all forms of classification (e.g. private, public or hybrid) and sensitivity levels (e.g low, moderate). For any additional information about MBL Technologies and our 3PAO services please visit or contact us


We provide a comprehensive suite of privacy capabilities to establish, support, and mature federal privacy and data loss prevention programs. Our expertise includes completing systems of record notices, conducting privacy impact assessments, advising clients on records management practices, and implementing tailored data loss prevention solutions. 


We provide our clients with knowledge of tailored technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect their networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of cyber security solutions - from policy and strategy to security operations and threat management - that are tailored to our client's needs. 


Our approach focuses on providing our clients with the information and supporting capabilities required to prepare for, withstand, and respond to incidents that disrupt normal operations. By applying an intelligence-driven approach to risk management, we align the right resources with the right assets at the right time enable an organization to adapt to changes in the operating environment. Through capabilities such as Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessments, Contingency Planning (including Business Continuity, Continuity of Operations, and Disaster Recovery), and Tests, Training, and Exercise Support, our approach focuses on preparing our client's people, processes, and technology to minimize the impact and adjust business processes to maintain essential operations following and event.