The Why of Cyberattacks

When an organization suffers a cyberattack, there’s a race during the aftermath to attribute the cause. The root cause is often identified as a vulnerability that wasn’t patched or a compromised password, but simply deducing “how” an attacked occurred misses the bigger picture of “why” it occurred. Security breaches often

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security policies

Developing Actionable Security Policies and Procedures

Many organizations approach security documentation as a tedious exercise to check a compliance box rather than a critical component of a security program. Despite the massive migration to remote work during the pandemic, only 40% of small businesses have bothered to implement remote work security policies. But a cybersecurity team

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A Healthcare Security Checkup

As the healthcare sector continues to fight on the frontlines against the COVID-19 global pandemic, it faces the added challenge of warding off a steady rise in cyberattacks. Attacks against the American healthcare system increased by 55% in 2020, with more than a third of healthcare organizations globally suffering ransomware

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