Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

The global cybersecurity labor shortage is more than three million people, and there is a dire need for millions of cybersecurity professionals to fill available jobs, according to the (ISC)²’s 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study. Data in the report depicts an industry under intense pressure, forced to do more with fewer resources due to short staff and a cybersecurity skills gap.

This cybersecurity talent shortage affects the ability of organizations to confront an alarming rise in incidents in the past couple years. And while the shortage is substantial now, it’s only expected to increase in the years to come.

The Reason Behind the Shortage

Cybersecurity is critical to the success of any organization, which means every single one needs cybersecurity support. But the pipeline of cybersecurity talent is dry.

Out of the top academic computer science programs in the U.S., only 42 percent offer courses in cybersecurity. In addition, outdated hiring practices dissuade applicants who could transition easily to a cybersecurity job.

Retention is another piece of the labor-shortage puzzle, with 66 percent of respondents to an ISACA survey expressing difficulties in this area. Also, lower government pay makes corporate jobs more appealing, causing vacancies in the public sector.

When Conventional Methods Aren’t Working

While finding cybersecurity talent is a challenge, an excellent option for meeting immediate needs is to outsource. MBL Technologies provides comprehensive cybersecurity services that can assist in bridging the gap.

Another option is to invest in training and education programs to help existing employees outside the field transition successfully to cybersecurity jobs.

Finally, organizations can expand their outreach efforts to college students and graduates to convey the benefits of a career in cybersecurity, and emphasize the lucrative pay and ever-changing security landscape.

The Federal Government is Confronting the Talent Gap

Later in 2021, the federal government is rolling out its Cybersecurity Talent Management System, designed to expedite the hiring of cybersecurity professionals and offer a market-sensitive compensation scheme.

The primary benefit of this new system is that it allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to bypass time-consuming rules by hiring cybersecurity workers through the excepted service.

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