One careless line of code is all it takes to introduce critical vulnerabilities into your products. But overly cautious software development approaches slow down delivery and crush team creativity.

SecDevOps integrates security into system and software development process first, and at each stage of the lifecycle, often in an automated fashion. Done right, this speeds the delivery of robust, secure capabilities to end users.

Our SecDevOps Approach

Traditional DevOps approaches fail to integrate security into the lifecycle. SecDevOps considers security first – and creates a mindset where the entire team is invested in the delivery of secure code.

MBL specializes in helping organizations build SecDevOps cultures – where security is “baked in” from the start and compliance becomes a byproduct of rock-solid development practices. We teach development teams to embrace security as something that helps them reduce risks and minimize the time needed to find and fix issues, resulting in an ability to ship better code faster and improve processes, tooling and team collaboration.

For organizations with established DevOps processes, we guide you toward that next, more secure step. We integrate automated security tools and processes to lay the foundation for a SecDevOps approach. We then train your team to maximize these tools to efficiently improve system and software development.

For those that have not yet made the DevOps leap, we help you select and implement SecDevOps techniques that make sense given your team’s existing processes and skillsets. We then help you mature these techniques over time, enhancing your ability to quickly deliver secure products.

MBL’s SecDevOps Services Include:  

Capability Baseline: We conduct baselining exercises to determine whether you have the foundation of tools, processes and skills needed to support SecDevOps. Many software development and integration tools often have security features. We help your team learn how to use these existing tools to support SecDevOps objectives. Or, where capability gaps are identified, we identify and integrate capabilities that make sense for your team, your business and your end users.

Training: MBL’s training programs follow a workforce maturity-level approach to applying and continuously improving a SecDevOps program. From basic DevOps introductions for beginners, to hands-on technical instruction for expert security practitioners, our training will guide the SecDevOps culture change and strengthen your workforce.

Software Assurance: Code review is a core component of SecDevOps. We build static and dynamic software assurance reviews into your existing software testing approach. Then we either conduct these code reviews for you or (ideally) teach your team to execute them independently.

Security Benchmarking: Effective SecDevOps programs analyze code quality and security over time, track trends, identify recurring issues and then address root cause. In partnership with your team we continuously review test results, track bug and vulnerability trends overtime, and help your team improve quality and performance. By rapidly identifying and resolving the root cause of code security issues, we enhance your team’s ability to ship quality code on schedule.

Cloud Application Engineering: An oft-overlooked component of SecDevOps is improving the security of various cloud services used in modern development. From modifying cloud configurations, to custom cloud coding, to integrating third-party applications, system and software development increasingly means cloud development. We integrate secure cloud practices into our SecDevOps approach to enhance security across the entire stack.


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