Network / Systems Engineering

Modern networking is a mess.

Organizations of all sizes are stuck juggling – and securing – hybrid infrastructures, balancing the fixed, hierarchical networks of old with modern remote, wireless, cloud-centric and/or intent-based networks.  

Network and Systems Engineering Approach

MBL gets your networks under control. We optimize your existing networks to ensure they seamlessly support your teams, wherever they might be. We also harden networks against cyberattacks, establishing defenses that make sense for your unique threat and compliance landscape.

We then help you transition to a modern, scalable networking model that will support your business today, and in the future.

For specialized customers in the intelligence, defense and federal civilian communities, we also help build secure networks and systems designed for classified processing.

MBL’s network and systems engineering services can include:

  • Designing and deploying specialized networks and technologies, such as cloud services, hospital, medical device and Internet of Things (IoT) environments
  • Optimizing networks to take advantage of multiple cloud services
  • Redesigning networks to securely support a remote-first footing
  • Developing custom analytics and metric tracking for cloud-centric environments
  • Securing networks and hardening gear against modern cyber threats

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