security cameras

The Problem With Private Security Cameras

Private security cameras have become a common sight in American neighborhoods. Amazon’s Ring cameras have proven particularly popular, though many home security companies and IoT device makers offer similar products. Many consumers purchase these cameras to secure their property and provide peace of mind. However, the effectiveness of these devices

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cookie consent

Cookies 101

The internet is saturated with cookie permissions popups, nagging you for consent on nearly every website. Half of Americans always accept all cookies, likely without understanding what they are agreeing to. Some cookies are essential for using a particular website, but many others are not and may have privacy or

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GDPR: Four Years Later

At its inception in May 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) triggered a transformation of the information privacy compliance landscape. The comprehensive legislation mandates that private organizations obtain consent before collecting personal data and delete collected data upon request, among numerous other requirements. The GDPR has wide-reaching

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digital footprint

How to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

The global pandemic has accelerated a long-term trend toward living more and more of our lives online. Working, schooling, shopping, socializing and many other daily activities that used to conducted principally offline have now migrated to the digital realm. One consequence of this shift has been the proliferation of personal

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privacy program

Is Your Privacy Program Enough?

According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), more than three-quarters of countries worldwide have or are working towards data protection and privacy legislation. Navigating these numerous and sometimes contradictory regulations present considerable challenges to organizations. In addition, enforcement actions for non-compliance come with severe monetary penalties and

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