2023 cybersecurity forecast

2023 Cybersecurity Forecast

As 2022 draws to a close, security pros are considering what challenges and opportunities the new year will bring. It’s never easy to make predictions in the dynamic, fast-changing field of cybersecurity, but there are several important developments that seem likely in 2023. The Attack Surface Will Expand In the

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MFA prompt bombing

What You Need to Know About MFA Prompt Bombing

In the never-ending cybersecurity arms race, hackers are opening a new front against multi-factor authentication (MFA). A technique called MFA prompt bombing is being used to trick victims into bypassing MFA defenses. Let’s look at how this attack works and what you can do to protect yourself. MFA Protection Recently,

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third parties

The Security Risks of Third Parties

With the maturation of cloud computing technologies and efficient data transfer via APIs, digital supply chains have become increasingly complex and indispensable. However, the scalability and flexibility afforded by third parties also come with hidden risks. As demonstrated by several major cyberattacks, such as the SolarWinds and Kaseya supply chain

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weakest cybersecurity link

The Weakest Cybersecurity Link

A central component of every cybersecurity program is vulnerability management—identifying weaknesses in the organization’s security posture and implementing controls to address them. Unpatched operating systems, poorly configured firewall rules and unencrypted databases are all chinks in an organization’s cyber armor, but the most critical cybersecurity vulnerability is people. Whether it’s

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credential hijacking

Bad Actors Trade Malware for Credential Hijacking

The cyber threat landscape is undergoing an important shift as attackers choose stealthy credential-based attacks over malware. An annual threat report published by CrowdStrike last month revealed that 68% of threat detections from the past three months were malware free. The use of compromised credentials and existing system tools, rather

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cybersecurity initiatives

The White House’s New Cybersecurity Initiatives

Two weeks ago, President Biden held a cybersecurity summit at the White House, where a raft of public and private initiatives were announced to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture. CEOs of major technology companies, including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, as well as banks, insurers and educational institutes were in

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zero trust architecture

Is Zero Trust the Future?

In response to the recent onslaught of headline-grabbing security breaches, such as the attacks on SolarWinds and the Colonial Pipeline, the U.S. federal government is taking decisive steps toward a zero trust future. In May, the Biden Administration issued a cybersecurity executive order that, among other provisions, mandates that all

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